Teradata and EMC Certify Combined Solutions to Enhance Backup and Disaster Recovery

Teradata has introduced  new certified solutions for improved backup and disaster recovery for Teradata database users. The certifications  cover EMC’s Data Domain deduplication storage systems and Teradata’s latest Data Stream Architecture (DSA), providing new data protection options through Teradata’s Backup Archive and Recovery (BAR) solution for its database customers.

“By partnering with EMC and providing best-of-breed products to our customers, the Teradata customer can come to us and not only get the entire data warehouse solution but all of the ancillary products around that, that help keep that environment up and running,” noted Barry Silvester, director of product management and platform infrastructure at Teradata.

The Teradata and EMC partnership  was formed in October 2013 when Teradata certified the Data Domain Operating System 5.4. Now certified is EMC’s latest product - the Data Domain DD720 - bringing greater backup performance improvements to customers. According to the vendors,  a 101% performance improvement results from combining the Teradata DSA architecture, the latest EMC DD OS and the EMC DD7200 protection storage system.

Together, EMC and Teradata have certified the Data Domain system as an advocated solution for backup in a Teradata environment. “It is really key from our perspective that Teradata has selected us and is going to their customer set with this solution,” said Caitlin Gordon, senior product marketing manager, data domain line at EMC.

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