Terracotta Co-Develops Caching Standard for Java Applications

In-memory technology provider Terracotta, Inc. has announced that javax.cache, a caching standard for Java applications, has entered Draft Review Stage under the Java Community Process. It provides a standard approach for how Java applications temporarily cache data, an essential technology for in-memory solutions and a critical factor in achieving high performance and scalability of big data.

With the javax.cache standard, developers do not have to modify coding from one proprietary API to another, and it enables ISVs to employ pluggable caching supporting multiple implementations, rather than a few. “By standardizing it will lower the cost of change from one version to another. It allows caching to get plugged in to major frameworks,” Greg Luck, CTO at Terracotta, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Through a variety of commercial and open source solutions, Terracotta will be able to offer broader adoption of distributed caching with the javax.cache standard. In addition to greater scalability, “It allows dramatically greater performance and typically a different pattern of use because accessing the data is so quick, you can access more data within the timeframe that you have,” Luck explains.

The javax.cache standard will be included in Java EE 7, which is scheduled to be finalized in 2013. To learn more, visit the home of JSR107 at as well as