Terracotta Launches BigMemory Go for Free Real-Time Big Data Access

Data management vendor Terracotta, Inc. has released BigMemory Go, the latest innovation in the BigMemory line that allows customers to put as much data in memory as desired to speed application performance at big data scale. The product is being offered via a free 32GB per instance production license that can be deployed on as many servers as desired.

Big Memory Go is a less expensive and more scalable alternative to disk-backed relational databases, the company says.  “We’re going to give customers the capability of storing up to 32 gigabytes in-memory. What that’s going to allow them to do is instantaneously speed up their application and their data access anywhere from 2-10x, potentially even more,” Gary Nakamura, Terracotta’s general manager, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  Users of Terracotta’s Ehcache are able to easily upgrade to BigMemory Go, providing them with more in-memory capacity and improved search and management capabilities. “This further pushes in-memory data management into the mainstream,” Nakamura explains.

Key features of BigMemory Go include massive in-memory data storage, powerful search capabilities, extensive management and monitoring dashboards, and a fault tolerant persistent store supporting the latest SSD and disk technologies. “It [BigMemory Go] could offload the database anywhere from 50-90% from a CPU utilization perspective, so it could be a very significant win for users out there,” Nakamura adds.

Terracotta’s BigMemory Go is available now. Visit to learn more.