Terracotta Partners with JackBe to Deliver Real-Time Big Data Solutions

Terracotta, a provider of enterprise big data management solutions, and JackBe, a real-time intelligence software vendor, have announced a collaboration to leverage their complementary technologies for real-time big data solutions. According to the vendors, JackBe’s Presto real-time data visualizations for analytics coupled with Terracotta’s BigMemory high-performance and scalability enables JackBe to deliver visual data exploration and dashboards with the speed, scale and simplicity of in-memory data management. 

Analytic processing times can be reduced by as much as 93% using Presto powered by Terracotta BigMemory, delivering a set of analyzed data from throughout the enterprise in visual exploration and dashboards. “Partnering with Presto adds a level of functionality on top of BigMemory that adds a lot of business value to our customers,” Bob Taylor, alliance manager at Terracotta, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Organizations using Terracotta and JackBe are able to realize the value of their data nearly instantaneously.

The JackBe and Terracotta collaboration offers a platform for real-time big data analytics and tools for visual exploration using in-memory analytics. Analytic snapshots provide instant visual trending and KPI insights along with apps that visualize live enterprise data mashed with big data. “We’ve radically changed the whole profile of the types of problems we can address and our to handle vast amounts of data and do analytics in a fraction of the time it would take if you were to try to do it with a database,” John Crupi, JackBe’s CTO, explains. Additionally, business users can quickly and easily share dashboards with no programming.

The real-time analytics add-on for Terracotta BigMemory is expected to GA early next quarter. For more information, visit and