Terracotta Releases Latest Version of In-Memory Data Management Software, BigMemory 3.7

Data management software vendor Terracotta has released the latest version of its flagship product, BigMemory 3.7, providing performance at any scale through in-memory data management. The latest release offers improved in-memory access, allowing customers to store big data in real time with high application speed, performance, and scale.

With the in-memory storage of BigMemory 3.7, users no longer have to go back and forth to the database. This provides customers with significantly faster access to critical big data, quicker applications, and increased scalability, allowing enterprises to receive greater business value from their big data in a cost efficient manner, according to the company. “We’ve made optimizations that allow people to put more data and capacity into our product so that they get more value out of the data that they put in,” Gary Nakamura, general manager of Terracotta, explains to DBTA.

Terracotta has improved the search performance of its in-memory flagship, BigMemory 3.7. Users can conduct quick searches with low latencies across terabytes of in-memory data, which is indexed without significant overhead. The new release also features a new web-based monitoring and administration tool that provides an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, BigMemory 3.7 maintains out-of-the-box security integration, with transport level security via SSL and heightened security access for monitoring and managing deployments.

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