Terracotta Universal Messaging Accelerates Time to Insight and Action on Enterprise Data

Terracotta, a provider of in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, is making Terracotta Universal Messaging available as a standalone product. Terracotta Universal Messaging is a software platform for big data applications using real-time data-streaming across a wide range of devices and networks. Addressing the growing challenge of eliminating bottlenecks in transferring data within and beyond enterprise systems to external devices, such as sensors, smart phones and databases, Terracotta’s unified messaging solution extends the use of data beyond current enterprise boundaries and accelerates time to insights and action.

Previously, Terracotta Universal Messaging was only available as a component of Software AG’s webMethods. Now as a standalone product from Terracotta, customers can leverage the high performance messaging capabilities within and beyond the enterprise, as well as for web and mobile devices.

The platform can also be integrated into existing infrastructure, and will form the messaging component of Terracotta's own In-Genius solution, a new native in-memory platform for real-time insight and intelligent action on Big Data.  With Universal Messaging, In-Genius will offer high-speed data transport to and from In-Genius components, providing fast access to web and mobile devices, while also extending the cross-platform support of Terracotta BigMemory.  BigMemory 4.0, introduced in March, allows for the storage of hundreds of terabytes of high-value data in machine memory for blazingly fast, predictable access.

“Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding instant access to applications and services, from anywhere and at any time, and we expect that demand to grow exponentially,” said Eddie McDaid, managing director of Universal Messaging for Terracotta, Inc. “Big, fast data at your fingertips requires seamless and very fast data movement, no matter what type of system or device you are using.  Our unified messaging solution resolves this critical big data challenge and it’s battle-tested, with a proven track record over the past decade powering the most demanding applications across multiple industries, including financial services, retail, gaming and utilities."

Integration of Universal Messaging into the In-Genius platform will be completed by Q4 2013. For more information, visit