Terracotta and EnterpriseDB Pump Up Private Cloud Data Management

Terracotta, a provider of Java application scalability solutions, and EnterpriseDB, which provides enterprise-class products and services based on the PostgreSQL open source database, announced they are teaming up to jointly address the complex technical challenges of scaling the data layer in private clouds.

As organizations seek to move applications to private cloud environments, they are also reassessing the technical and economic viability of their current IT platforms. As a result, are interested in open source-based solutions that are cost-effective and can provide the scalability and elasticity to meet the demands of a cloud computing environment, according to Terracotta and EnterpriseDB.

The joint solution leverages the strengths of both products in delivering a scalable data tier for corporations looking to deploy applications in private clouds, Jim Mlodgenski, chief architect, EnterpriseDB, explains. Terracotta's Ehcache provides a high performance distributed memory grid, enabling applications to read data in orders of magnitude faster than traditional database architectures. By offloading the majority of the reads from the database, the resulting transactions that filter down to the database look more like a traditional online transaction processing [OLTP] application. This is where EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Standard Server's infinite caching technology enables it to further improve the efficient processing of the data, Mlodgenski says.

The integration of the technologies is seamless for Java developers who use a database abstraction layer such as Hibernate. Terracotta's Ehcache Hibernate Plugin handles the transparency for many existing applications with some simple configuration. "This solution is ideal for Java web applications with a large data footprint needing to scale," Mlodgenski says. Social networking sites are a prime example of the type of application that would benefit from this solution, Mlodgenski says. "With a social networking application, there are a large number of current users consuming massive amounts of data, but the data is also largely user generated which needs to be persisted." The consumption of the data is enabled by Terracotta, while EnterpriseDB handles the persistence.

Terracotta and EnterpriseDB will hold a webcast on April 6 at 11 am PT to explain the benefits of their combined solutions. For more information and to sign up for this webinar, go here.