Terracotta’s Web Sessions 4 Leverages BigMemory for Fast Web Session Access

Terracotta, provider of in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, unveiled new versions of BigMemory 4, its flagship product for managing big, fast data, and Web Sessions 4, its solution for distributed in-memory session management. Together, the company says the new offerings enable faster, more reliable access to session data in large-scale, high-traffic web applications. According to Terracotta, BigMemory 4 offers 60% faster data access than previous versions at terabyte scale and beyond, and delivers enterprise-grade levels of reliability and flexibility that were formerly available only in traditional, disk-based data management systems.

“Slow performance on any commerce site is a business killer,” says Mike Allen, vice president of Product Management for Terracotta. “If a customer has to wait for their shopping cart to load, or to complete check out, there is a high probability of losing the sale. Terracotta Web Sessions and Terracotta BigMemory work together to eliminate performance bottlenecks, even with terabytes of web session data.”

The latest releases of BigMemory and Web Sessions increase the speed of enterprise-grade web session management, allowing high-traffic websites to benefit from distributed in-memory session management for extremely high performance and availability at scale. Because application servers are not always optimized to handle very large volumes of in-memory session data in a highly available, scalable way, access to session data shared across application servers often becomes a performance bottleneck for enterprise system architects and software developers. With the latest versions of Web Sessions and BigMemory, developers and architects can deliver fast, reliable access to web session data, including shopping carts, user behavior and cookies. 

Working together, Web Sessions 4 and BigMemory 4 deliver faster data access in a number of ways. By providing advanced in-memory session management across distributed servers, developers can grant instant access to up to terabytes of session data. Web Sessions and BigMemory allow those application servers to keep sessions in-memory for fast distribution across large distributed arrays.  In addition, BigMemory's Automatic Resource Control enables Web Sessions to migrate data automatically, from heap to off-heap to array, keeping the data as close to the application as possible based on its importance to the application. BigMemory uses all of the application server's off-heap storage for session data, without causing garbage collection pauses; and Terracotta Web Sessions links web applications to BigMemory, leveraging its in-memory simplicity, speed and performance for best-in-class data management. 

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