Tervela Works with Cloudera to Speed Adoption of Hadoop in Mission-Critical Applications

Tervela Turbo is now certified on CDH4 (Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop Version 4). Introduced in October, Tervela Turbo, a high-performance data movement engine, helps Cloudera customers implement mission-critical Hadoop systems with reliable data capture, high-speed data loading into HDFS, disaster recovery for Hadoop, and ETLT data warehousing. Tervela has also joined the Cloudera Connect Partner Program.

Founded in 2004, Tervela is deployed in leading financial services and web companies, including IV Capital, Allston Trading, GBM, Goldman Sachs, ICAP, and Pollenware. “If you think of what we have been doing in the financial services area for the last half decade, we were doing big data volume, variety, and velocity.  We are moving data at millions of transaction a second today, which by definition is big data.   From a branding and marketing perspective we are aggressively moving into the big data space because our customers and partners have dragged us there,” Barry Thompson, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tervela, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

CDH4 is an open source distribution that combines Apache Hadoop with other open source applications within the Hadoop stack to deliver advanced, enterprise-grade features.  According to Tervela, the new certification ensures that CDH4 customers can rely on Tervela to capture data from virtually any source system and transport it to HDFS for loading, eliminating failures that stem from common file transfer and network errors; enable them to load multiple clusters in parallel, keeping them fully synchronized for disaster recovery and performance optimization purposes; and make it easy to implement Extract-Load-Transform-Load data warehousing, by connecting source systems to an intermediate Hadoop transformation engine, then capturing processed data from Hadoop and loading it back into a warehouse for final transformation and ultimately analysis.

The Cloudera Certified Technology program, which Tervela has also joined, is aimed at enabling Apache Hadoop technology buyers to purchase the right cluster components and software applications to extract the most value from their data. Cloudera Certified Technologies have been tested and validated to use supported APIs and to comply with Cloudera development guidelines for integration with Apache Hadoop.

“Now, Hadoop adapters are critical for our banking customers and as well as our broader market customers outside of financial services in their adoption of Hadoop because they need it to be truly bullet-proof, enterprise-class - but it is still young.” says Thompson.

Hadoop is following the same progression as the Linux operating system in the open source software space, he notes. Linux got early adoption in non-critical areas, then got broader adoption and once it became enterprise-ready, it achieved broad adoption across the world. “And the same is true with Hadoop, he observes. “It got the little research projects, and now it is ready for departmental use, and as soon as it can wrap enterprise features around, it will be broad-scale enterprise-ready - and that is what we are trying to get done with the partnership.”

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