Tesora Updates DBaaS Platform to Provide Real-Time and Automation Abilities

Tesora has upgraded its DBaas platform.  The new release, Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition 1.7, gives IT and database managers the ability to update OpenStack database guest images in real time, automates patch management, and provides more control over database replica placement.

Additional capabilities brought to Tesora’s enterprise-class implementation of OpenStack Trove include Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database 11g replication support using DataGuard, plus the ability to retrieve log files for troubleshooting and performance tuning; Cassandra and Couchbase support for clustering, which improves performance and high availability; and MySQL clustering support that is based on Percona XtraDB Cluster.

The new release also adds guest images for DataStax Enterprise 4.7, an enterprise version of Apache Cassandra, to the list of databases currently supported.  “There’s really a lot of diversity that we expect will grow over time,” said Ken Rugg, Tesora’s CEO.  “We’re pretty unique in that regard.”

“We dramatically increased support for database clustering,” Rugg said. “Adding and expanding the support is something where we stand out relative to Amazon.”

Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition is a single, common management infrastructure that provides a unified way to handle complete database lifecycle management including: provisioning on-demand from a choice of 13 different databases; managing backup and restores; securing with user permissions and automated patch management;  and log file retrieval. “We’re trying to make a simplified user experience across very diverse sets of technology,” Rugg said.

Along with supporting multiple databases, Tesora DBaaS Enterprise Edition is certified with OpenStack distributions from Mirantis, Red Hat and Ubuntu.

Developers, operators, and small and large companies will benefit the most from these updates, according to Rugg. “It radically simplifies their life,” Rugg said.

Tesora is a leading contributor to the Trove project, alongside other contributing companies  such as HP, Rackspace, eBay, and Red Hat.

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