Thales Now Supporting Encryption Key Services for Google and Microsoft

Thales, a provider of cyber security and data protection, is now supporting Google Cloud Platform’s Customer-Supplied Encryption Key (CSEK) functionality and will provide key management services for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

By offering support for Google Cloud platform, users can now generate, protect, and supply their encryption keys to the cloud using an on-premise, FIPS-certified nShield hardware security module (HSM) from Thales.

The new CSEK support empowers enterprise customers who want to move workloads and data to the Google Cloud Platform, but need to retain control of their key material on-premise.

“They now have control of those keys and there’s a true separation of duties between the cloud provider and the person that has the keys,” said Peter Galvin, VP of Strategy at Thales.

The collaboration with Microsoft to provide key management services for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 that will allow organizations to maximize the control of their data and provide the highest level of assurance, regardless of whether the data is on premise or in the cloud.

Thales is working to deliver an integrated key management service that provides integrated and enhanced key authorization including single sign on (SSO), data loss prevention arising out of process encryption key activity, data outage prevention due to key expirations with automated alerts and business workflows on encryption key lifecycles, and higher visibility of critical process with enhanced encryption key monitoring, discovery and usage reports.

“By being able to provide multiple solutions to be able to provide key management as a service, we can meet the needs of a greater number of customers and provide much easier user experience for them,” Galvin said.

Larger companies will benefit the most from these updates, according to Galvin.

“Those types of companies that have concern about compliance and compliance issues,” Galvin said.

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