Thales Releases Advanced Encryption Solutions for Docker Containers

Thales, a provider of cybersecurity and data security solutions, has added new capabilities for its Vormetric Data Security Platform. The new capabilities extend data-at-rest security with integrated Docker encryption and access controls, the ability to encrypt and rekey data without having to take applications offline, FIPS certified remote administration and management of data security policies and protections, and the ability to accelerate the deployment of tokenization, static data masking and application encryption.

Compliance requirements and best practices increasingly call for organizations to encrypt and control access to sensitive data, while also logging and auditing information about sensitive data access. The company’s recent 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report revealed that perceived “complexity” is the No. 1 reason that enterprises do not adopt data security tools and techniques that support these capabilities more widely. These advanced data security controls directly address this problem by enabling enterprises to confidently support their digital transformation more easily, simply and in more environments than ever before. 

With the growth of container technology – and particularly Docker, as well as its strong adoption by key customers in the financial services area, additional security requirements relating to the use of containers have surfaced, noted Derek Tumulak, vice president of product management for Thales e-Security. In conversations with customers it became clear that they were concerned about ensuring that data that was accessible from one container could only be usable for users or processes for that particular container, and more importantly, that privileged users with administrative privileges on  the host operating system where the containers were running could not gain access to the data, he explained.

As a result, Thales has taken the Vormetric Transparent Encryption offering and enhanced it so that only an authorized user or process that is running within a container can actually see the data, Tumulak said.

Previously available as a pilot, the company is now offering Vormetric Transparent Encryption Live Data Transformation Extension, a patented solution that enables organizations to deploy and maintain encryption with minimal downtime. It enables initial encryption and rekeying of previously encrypted data while in use.  

In addition, Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension now extends Vormetric Transparent Encryption’s OS-level policy-based encryption, data access controls and data access logging capabilities to internal Docker container users, processes and resource sets.  

FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified remote data security management and policy control for Vormetric Data Security Manager V6100 appliance enables organizations with the most stringent compliance and best practice requirements to easily manage the full Thales line of Vormetric data security platform solutions without physical visits to data centers, and the availability of batch data transformation eases initial encryption or tokenization of sensitive database columns in environments that are protected with Vormetric Application Encryption or Vormetric Tokenization, and also supports Static Data Masking requirements.

All new offerings are planned to be available in Q1 2017.

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