The Changing Role of the Modern DBA – New Skills for Security

In a new article on the DBA's role in data security that is part of a six-part series by the editors of IOUG SELECT and Big Data Quarterly, Michelle Malcher, security architect at Extreme Scale Solutions,  writes:

Security is nothing new to the DBA. Granting privileges, creating roles and auditing logons have been part of the DBA task list since the beginning. However, the security role is changing and the protection of the data is more than just creating users and managing permissions. Data security is a growing concern in all enterprises, and since the DBAs have been guardians of the data, their skillset can be utilized in moving forward to combat the new risks and threats. 

As the DBA is approaching these new challenges and transitions into new roles and tasks, the existing skills are leveraged. The DBA skillset is very strong because of the knowledge of data, business processes and maintaining reliable stable environments to support several areas of the enterprise.

Database security requires paying attention to several areas instead of just users. Authentication and authorization of those users is a key area and first step, and the DBAs need to re-examine the processes and policies around this. But we will look at the steps and new skills in a minute. The changes are in data and around the depth of security.

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This article is part two of a six-part series by editors of IOUG SELECT and Big Data Quarterly on "The Changing Role of the Modern DBA." This series will be running over the course of the next three months, with three articles appearing on SELECT and three articles appearing on Big Data Quarterly. 

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