The DataStax Managed Cloud Platform is Now Available

DataStax is releasing DataStax Managed Cloud, a fully-managed service of the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) data platform, making it easier and faster for enterprises to deliver cloud applications at scale.

“It’s a competitive world. This switch to needing a digital presence, mobile and online, is across every single vertical,” said Martin Van Ryswyk, EVP of Product and Engineering. “They all have to have this or they’ll die and they know it.”

DataStax Managed Cloud combines DSE in a white glove service featuring the company’s proven support and professional services, and technology and expertise from the recently acquired company DataScale to help enterprises make the most of their data infrastructures to achieve business goals faster and focus on driving innovation.

DataStax Managed Cloud eliminates the time spent on data management operations and allows customers to focus on their core business. DataStax Managed Cloud also provides customers with deployment flexibility in achieving real-time data management at scale in the cloud.

Benefits of the platform include the ability to focus on business innovation by allowing organizations to offload operations to DataStax; time-to-market acceleration on a single underlying data layer that can run both on-premises and on public clouds; and the choice and flexibility to support hybrid architecture needs by extending a data management platform to fit hybrid cloud architectures, span or migrate across infrastructure models with 100% compatibility.

Customers who have production and big production needs will benefit the most from this platform, according to Van Ryswyk.

“We’re concentrating on the folks who have serious enterprise problems and they want, not just the technology but the services, and they need help,” Van Ryswyk. “People willing to spend money to save time, so that means helping with data modeling, on boarding or their application. Just helping them all along to offload them so they can think again to these time to market problems or skill issues they are facing. ”

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