The Flatfile Platform Enables Developers to Easily and Securely Build Fully Customizable File-Based Import Experiences

Flatfile, provider of an AI-assisted data exchange, is releasing its Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, an extensible platform for file-based data import to offer an API-first and event-driven data exchange platform for enterprise developers.

According to the company, Flatfile’s next-generation release breaks new ground by making the power of Flatfile fully accessible and extensible for software developers. It enables them to build fully customizable, powerful workflows that address a wide range of file-based import related use cases. This provides huge cost savings and makes data available faster and more securely and improves data accuracy.

“Over the last 5 years, we have heard from thousands of organizations and their development teams and their wide range of requirements and workflows,” said David Boskovic, founder and CEO of Flatfile. “Instead of trying to create yet another one-size-fits-all tool that would inevitably be limited, we set out to create a platform that enables any developer to build the ideal solution for their specific needs. The release of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform opens up entirely new options for companies looking for data file import solutions that support their business. With our API-first and event-driven architecture we are putting the power of Flatfile data import right in the hands of every developer.”

Key features include:

  • Rich library of APIs combined with event-driven architecture: The Flatfile Data Exchange Platform is from the ground up designed on an open, API-first and event-driven architecture that easily fits into most tech stacks. Its rich library of APIs and code-based plugins for file-based data imports, validation, transformations, and workflows is uniquely powerful, providing development teams with ultimate customization and extensibility options.
  • Advanced data import functionality: Flatfile provides developers with all the tooling they need - from collecting any file type from any type of data source to AI-powered data matching, automated formatting, cleaning, and validating data, to human-in-the-loop reviews and approvals.
  • Highly intuitive data import experience designed for end users: The platform provides an easy to use and intuitive user experience throughout the data import, matching, cleaning, and validation process. This includes workbook-style data editing, AI-assisted data file importing, or protected microsites for secure collaboration.
  • Enterprise-scale and security to support the most demanding needs: Ultimately the platform is designed to scale to the most demanding enterprise needs, including support for rigorous compliance and security standards, very large file support, parallel processing and load balancing, or multi-region data storage.

The Flatfile Data Exchange Platform is available now for all users.

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