The Linux Foundation Completes Implementation of Entrinsik’s Informer

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development, has implemented Entrinsik’s Informer reporting and BI software to provide greater insight into its SugarCRM data.

According to Entrinsik, The Linux Foundation was using SugarCRM Professional’s out-of-the-box reporting module, but required additional advanced reporting, data analysis, and dashboarding capabilities. Informer integrates with all licensed versions of SugarCRM and Sugar Community Edition; data in Sugar is pushed into Informer in real time. Informer’s intuitive, web-based interface is enables users to create and customize their own reports and dashboards.

The implementation of Informer is helping The Linux Foundation better track, understand and manage its SugarCRM data. The integration of SugarCRM with Informer provides The Linux Foundation instant visibility into its marketing and business development metrics from multiple perspectives. The organization can now more effectively interact with and analyze data to uncover critical insights and make data-driven decisions to drive foundation operations.

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