The Six Sister Cities of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has achieved an almost mythical status in both modern American popular culture as well as the annals of world economic history, write Don Sullivan and Michael Corey in their latest Cloud Currents column for Big Data Quarterly:

“In truth, Silicon Valley spans the continent, as pervasive in historic eastern cities as it is embedded in New Age Pacific-Northwest locations. It permeates a multitude of lesser-known locales of the Deep South as well as the classic American towns that originally made America the greatest economic colossus that the world has ever seen. Let’s explore six additional locations that are actually connected through the ephemeral fabric of this technological titan that we call Silicon Valley. The six sister cities of Silicon Valley are nowhere near northern California, but they are kin to it in a plethora of palpable qualities. In alphabetical order, they are Austin, Boston/Cambridge, Huntsville, Pittsburgh, Research Triangle Park, and Seattle.”