ThreatConnect Announces Seven Partner Integrations

ThreatConnect, Inc., provider of an intelligence-driven security platform, is integrating with Phantom Cyber, PhishMe, Dragos, Atlassian Jira Software, ServiceNow, and Recorded Future, to provide services to its users.

Integrating the ThreatConnect Platform with other security solutions empowers security teams to be more efficient and better protect their network.

Partner-built applications include PhishMe for faster incident response workflow, Phantom Cyber for orchestration, and Dragos for critical infrastructure protection; the other four automation and orchestration integrations include Altassian Jira Software for project tracking, ServiceNow for service management, Recorded Future for data enrichment, and Slack messaging software to allow automatic communication from the Platform.

“We value our integration partners,” said Adam Vincent, ThreatConnect CEO. “In fact, the reason we created the Platform was to allow our clients and partners to build and run apps that are integral to their own defensive strategy. Whether the app is built by us, a client, or partner, it helps unite an organization’s security solutions, which in the end, only helps organizations exponentially strengthen their business.”

ThreatConnect has an open application programming interface (API) that enables users to easily integrate with their existing security products.

Users can ingest data from their current tools into ThreatConnect or push ThreatConnect’s multi-sourced, curated threat intelligence back into those tools.

ThreatConnect currently integrates with industry-leading enrichments tools, open source and premium feeds, security products such as endpoint protection and security information and event management (SIEM) products, and is continuing to add more integrations every month.

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