Three Universities Select Ticketing Intelligence Solution for Advanced Data Analysis

Michigan State University (MichiganState), University of Michigan (Michigan) and University of Texas-Austin (Texas) plan to implement the Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence data warehouse in order to more efficiently aggregate and utilize data about interaction between university athletics and sports fans.

Paciolan is a provider of ticketing, marketing, fundraising and sales automation solutions. The Ticketing Intelligence solution integrates multiple databases including ticketing, marketing, university and athletics fundraising, merchandise and concessions systems into a single database to provide a comprehensive view of all revenue streams. Paciolan partners with SSB Consulting Group and Kore Technologies to achieve this solution.

Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence will allow each university to integrate data from third-party systems, such as data-append and lead-scoring services, as well as university fundraising systems to provide sophisticated data analysis across a complex organization to aid revenue growth. This information will help the universities achieve greater visibility of every fan interaction, including engagement from both athletics and the university. They will be able to better analyze sales, customer data, compare ticket sales and fund development across seasons, and adapt programs to maximize revenues.

Each university will be able to view live reports using mobile devices, including iPads and smart phones for instant access to the data. They can also create reports that are specific and unique to their business objectives.

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