TiG Data Intelligence Partners with TrueCue to Enable Customers to Uncover Unseen Insights

TiG Data Intelligence, a UK-based Microsoft partner and MSP, is partnering with TrueCue, an analytics products and service brand, allowing TiG to access to TrueCue’s business intelligence dashboards and data warehousing platform.

TiG has years of experience working with businesses to ensure they are getting maximum value from their IT investment. It provides a complete service portfolio with increased capabilities in Azure cloud services, cyber security, and advanced data analytics.

Its partnership with TrueCue will enhance this proposition further by providing access to TrueCue’s customized business intelligence dashboards and smart data warehouse automation platform, allowing clients to make full use of their data in a simple and effective manner. 

“Our clients understand the results they can achieve through data warehousing and analytics. Many of them have large quantities of data in disparate systems, which they cannot extract insights from in an effective way,” said George Georgiou, chief operating officer at TiG. “TrueCue has a depth of knowledge through their product offering which we have not seen matched by any other business. Through our partnership we are now able to offer simple to use solutions that allow clients to make better use of their data, enabling them to achieve their own business targets.”

Established in 2001, TiG is the largest London-based managed service provider to the alternative investment sector. Other markets it serves include professional services, healthcare and manufacturing, and since 2016, the company has been a tier one direct Microsoft Gold Partner.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with TiG. At TrueCue, we firmly believe that having access to reliable, trustworthy data is fundamental to successful decision making. But the reality is that many organisations struggle in this area, and therefore are unable to use their data to its full potential. This is the challenge we’re addressing,” said James Don-Carolis, Managing Director at TrueCue.

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