Tidal Accelerator Holistically Alleviates the Pains of Enterprise Modernization

Tidal, the SaaS company providing organizational application migration to the cloud, is unveiling an enterprise software platform for cloud migration and modernization: Tidal Accelerator. Designed to improve collaboration and provide actionable insights, Accelerator is the next evolution of Tidal’s foundational product.

Migrating IT assets to the cloud is the hallmark service of Tidal, supplying solutions to discover, assess, plan, optimize, and manage workflows during migration. In conjunction with Accelerator’s announcement, Tidal is rebranding to emphasize its commitment toward “value first” transformations. Previously “Tidal Migrations,” this transition focuses on the enterprise’s ability to deliver software for organizational modernization. According to David Colebatch, founder and CEO of Tidal, the industry is too infrastructure-led in its migrations than value-led.

“Inherently when looking at an application top-down in terms of cloud-native services to transform to, you need to involve the business users that tell you the value of that application. For example, they might say, ‘this application supports X amount of users, delivers X amount of dollars in revenue every year, and has the most amount of value,” said Colebatch. “A value-first transformation makes sure the migration team considers that business value as a very important vector in terms of how they design and prioritize the migration of that application.”

Customers unsure of their status in their transformation journeys look to Tidal to shed light on the “unknown” of cloud migration. Marrying business context with the management of tasks such as discovery, assessment, planning, and the execution of an enterprise’s migration process , Tidal Accelerator alleviates the stress of transformation progress insecurity.

Tidal Accelerator is also built for improving collaboration and ease-of-use. Features including automated discovery, reconciliation, and infrastructure analysis via a Projects dashboard have been optimized within Accelerator to increase its value among common use cases.

“The Tidal platform is meant to be collaborative across application owners, application delivery people, as well as any experts you bring on to support your migration initiative. At the end of the migration, within the Tidal platform, you now have a 360 picture of all of your applications, so the enterprise is much better established to be able to manage and maintain, as well as modernize those applications once they’re in the cloud,” explained Colebatch. “The journey with Tidal is that it does not stop with migration; you can continue to accelerate that modernization post-migration as well.”

The platform’s 6R Recommendation Engine guides users with its automatic transition strategy suggestions throughout an organization’s application portfolio; with these actionable insights, Accelerator relieves the stresses of migrations teams as they execute their transition plans. ROI comprehension is enhanced with Portfolio Insights, providing critical data on migration, resources over-time, and technology ROI while simultaneously assessing application cloud readiness.

“Tidal Accelerator is an end-to-end journey platform, which is unique in the market. It will take you from business case—very early on in that cloud journey where customers are investigating the cloud—right through to optimization,” said Colebatch. “Tidal is the glue that pulls you through that journey. We’re now giving customers an end-to-end, lifecycle experience within the Tidal platform.”

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