TigerGraph 3.0 Brings “No Code” Graph Analytics to More Users

TigerGraph, provider of graph database technology, has launched TigerGraph 3.0, which delivers the power of scalable graph database and analytics to more people, including non-technical users.

According to TigerGraph, businesses are asking more complex questions across structured and unstructured data, which often requires blending data from multiple sources, business units and external data. TigerGraph is addressing this need with an “easy button” for analysis to surface meaningful insights from complex data relationships.

“Our mission at TigerGraph is to uncover meaningful, actionable, real-time insights from data—insights that can make a real difference in people’s lives—and to make scalable graph analytics available to everyone,” said Yu Xu, CEO and founder, TigerGraph. “Companies across a broad array of industries are upgrading to TigerGraph to unlock real value from connected data. Banks and other financial services organizations are preempting fraud, while healthcare companies use graph data to improve the patient wellness journey. TigerGraph’s work in advanced graph analytics has been validated by market recognition, next-generation customer applications and steady product innovation—and we expect 2020 to be even better.”

The accessibility and availability of graph analytics, to date, has been reserved for more technical users. According to Gartner, “Graph data stores can efficiently model, explore and query data with complex interrelationships across data silos, but the need for specialized skills has limited their adoption to date.” TigerGraph’s latest product release bolsters the company’s continued efforts to make graph database and analytics easy to use for everyone.

TigerGraph, with its “no code graph analytics,” says it is democratizing the adoption of advanced analytics by making graph accessible and available to every user regardless of technical expertise. In particular, TigerGraph 3.0’s product enhancements include the ability to run graph queries using intuitive drag and drop functionality, meaning non-technical users can reap the benefits of advanced graph analytics.

TigerGraph 3.0 helps to unlock the massive potential in relational data stores (DB instances, data warehouses, data marts) by providing a no-code path to convert schema and load data to a graph; and allows non-technical users to produce and run graph queries simply by drawing the patterns they want, similar to visual data modeling.

TigerGraph 3.0 will be available as a limited release in March 2020 and generally available afterward.

TigerGraph is also providing technology assistance to those working to track, analyze and research COVID-19. The company is providing free use of TigerGraph’s graph database technology to those helping to prevent the spread of, and improve the treatment for, Coronavirus worldwide. Local, state and federal agencies, corporate users, as well as non-profits can access the free tier on TigerGraph Cloud to load data and perform advanced analysis using graph algorithms.

TigerGraph will be adding a COVID-19 starter kit to expedite users’ efforts. Register for TigerGraph Cloud to use it shortly. Complete details can be found here: