TigerGraph Announces Free Developer Edition of Graph Database

TigerGraph, provider of a graph analytics platform for the enterprise, has announced the free Developer Edition of its graph analytics platform for lifetime non-commercial use.

TigerGraph offers enterprise graph MPP (massively parallel processing), to support big data, complex business queries, as well as GSQL, a modern graph query language designed to be intuitive for people who already know SQL.

According to TigerGraph, key features of the platform are that it enables users to: write high-performance complex analytics queries ?using GSQL, a SQL-like graph query language with built-in parallelism;  load over 100GB per machine per hour; perform graph traversals of 3 to 10+ hops ?with rapid results, across massive graphs, to support complex queries; and take advantage of parallelism? in data loading, real-time updates, and query processing.

For more information about the free Developer Edition of the TigerGraph platform for lifetime non-commercial use, go to