TigerGraph Cloud is Now Available on Major Public Cloud Services

TigerGraph Cloud is now available on all three major cloud marketplaces, AWS, Azure and GCP, the only distributed and scalable graph database-as-a-service available on all three.

With the choice of public Cloud vendors, businesses are able to significantly reduce the friction of getting started with Graph Analytics projects on the vast ecosystems built by the major cloud platforms, according to the vendor.

TigerGraph Cloud is an easy-to-use fully managed cloud graph database as a service, built for agile teams.

With the goal of further enhancing user experience, the company has integrated TigerGraph Cloud into the unified billing model offered by the Cloud Marketplaces.

This ensures that the users will have an even more seamless experience to get started with TigerGraph Cloud. Irrespective of user persona—be it  data scientists, business analysts or developers—anyone can get started quickly without the overhead.

On the business side, this deep integration will also allow customers to efficiently use the planned cloud spend with the public cloud vendor.

The company hopes this integration will help customers with cloud budget management and planning and become an important step towards putting TigerGraph Cloud at the center of every organization so all users can use the service with their existing Cloud billing account.

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