TimeXtender Announces New Version of TX Financials Product

TimeXtender, a provider of data warehouse automation software for Microsoft SQL Server, has released TX Financials 16.01 (TXF), which includes two new product features - automated user setup, and full version control with the addition of supporting documents  

According to the vendor, in large organizations, it can be difficult to define a budgeting process involving a large number of users. This volume of users typically requires the assigning of individuals to profit and cost centers, and the creation of an approval hierarchy for the budget submissions. With TXF, this is now fully automated. Using TimeXtender’s data warehouse automation (DWA) backend, TXF users can access relevant information of organizational hierarchies and save the information within TXF. This process will then be automatically controlled by the user at organizational setup. In addition, users, groups, submitters, and reviewers can use this across any dimension such as products or customers, rather than just organizational hierarchies. 

In addition, with supporting documents, it is now possible for end users to utilize ad hoc Excel spreadsheets and to simulate budgets or forecasts. Users can then  link the end result of the work to a TXF submission. This means that TXF easily enables a bridge between Excel and the rigid structure of finance. 

With TXF’s supporting documents, end users can now define ad hoc analysis and calculations themselves, or an administrative user can create detailed supporting documents for users to work with and have as pre-defined links. The result, the company says, it that for each submission in the budget process, the specific underlying version of the supporting document is submitted, along with the financial numbers linked to it, for full version control with full email notifications as well. 

Additional information can be found at TX Financials