TimeXtender Now a Tableau-Certified Partner

TimeXtender, a provider of self-service BI and analytics, is now a certified technology partner with Tableau Software, enabling customers to make business decisions on the fly.

TimeXtender was selected as a new partner as its Discovery Hub works seamlessly with Tableau, allowing customers to make business decisions in a timely manner based on data that is important to them.

Discovery Hub is an architecture enabling self-service BI & analytics that couples closely with Tableau, which provides the data visualization needed. 

“TimeXtender Discovery Hub offers organizations a great way to provide business users the data they need, by providing a self-service environment that can serve data to Tableau customers.  It provides a way for people across the enterprise to look and evaluate data based on the same numbers, calculations and definitions,” said Todd Talkington, Director of Technology Partnerships at Tableau.   “We are excited to work with partners, like TimeXtender, which further the capabilities of governed self-service analytics for our joint customers.”

TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub helps companies ensure that corporate data is governed, compliant, and secured, while making it available for the right business user as needed, when needed..

Through automation, Discovery Hub creates and manages enterprise-wide data models that ensure one source and one view, allowing for friction-free communication across the organization, ensuring one single view of all KPI’s.

“Discovery Hub helps customers deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis by providing a compliant, well-governed and secured, self-service data platform for corporate business users,” said Jørgen Kaufmann, CEO of TimeXtender. “Together with Tableau, TimeXtender can serve joint customers even further, providing them a tightly integrated data platform that is a scalable solution that bridges the gap between business and IT, allowing users to make decisions based on a ‘single version of the truth.’”

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