TimeXtender and Qlik Collaborate to Integrate Data Warehousing with Business Intelligence

TimeXtender, a provider of data warehouse automation (DWA) software for Microsoft SQL Server, is partnering with Qlik to offer a complete data warehouse and business intelligence package to users across the globe.

“With Qlik at the front-end of a TimeXtender DWA installation, democratization of data and discovery is simple, with profound implications for the business,” said Donald Farmer, Qlik Vice President, Innovation and Design. “Qlik and TimeXtender together are a powerful way to get business users the data they need.”

The new agreement brings together two big names in their respective markets, TimeXtender in DWA and Qlik in visual analytics.

TimeXtender’s TX DWA, coupled with either Qlik Sense or QlikView, protects the data in a secured and governed fashion by showing data in an analytical visual presentation and helps organizations reduce the gap between business and IT to realize the numerous benefits of a modern data infrastructure.

TimeXtender became a Qlik Technology Partner because of its product compatibility and complementary utility to Qlik’s products.

This partnership allows TimeXtender and Qlik to market, promote and demonstrate each other’s products.

Companies that already have QlikView or Qlik Sense, can use TX DWA to create a robust data warehouse while companies that already have TX DWA can integrate Qlik with their existing data warehouse.

Another benefit of this alliance is an integration package that will allow companies to be prepared for changes and demands that regularly occur in enterprise technology,

Users will see results earlier than they would from a classical data warehouse build, according to the companies.

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