Timescale Introduces Cloud Service for Time-Series and IoT Data

Timescale, the company behind the open-source time-series SQL database TimescaleDB, is releasing Timescale Cloud , an on-demand and managed cloud service that makes it easy to work with time-series and IoT data.

Timescale Cloud is a multi-cloud time-series database service that runs on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Organizations who are working with time-series and IoT data face the challenge of managing growing workloads within a unified solution. Timescale Cloud is designed for simplicity, flexibility, and scale to solve this problem.

Timescale Cloud Features:

  • Simplified operations that allow users to focus on working with time-series data and eliminate the headaches of managing a database. Timescale Cloud provides automated backups, point-in-time restore, monitoring, high availability, and more.
  • Highly flexible and configurable with a choice of compute and storage configurations, all available pay-as-you-go. Great for everything from developer projects to business-critical applications.
  • Scale with ease by growing, shrinking, or migrating workloads across configurations and clouds at any time. Fully managed production time-series deployments can be moved between regions and clouds quickly and easily.

“Timescale Cloud amplifies the power of TimescaleDB by making it even easier to use,” said Ajay Kulkarni, co-founder & CEO, Timescale. “TimescaleDB has always been about ease-of-use for time-series data. From the beginning, we knew SQL was the easiest way for developers to work with time-series data. Now, we are extending that principle of simplicity by eliminating the hassle of managing and operating a database, all while giving users the freedom to work with the cloud service provider of their choice.”

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