Tokutek Enables Big Data Scalability on MySQL with Support for Hot Schema Changes

Tokutek has announced TokuDB v5.0, which adds hot indexing and hot column addition/deletion as well as full MVCC (multiversion concurrency control) support. TokuDB, the company's flagship product, is a scalable MySQL Storage Engine. According to the company, with the new release, customers can now speed the time to build targeted queries or revise their data model, in order to perform near real-time analysis on live production data and take advantage of dynamic business opportunities.

"This is actually the biggest release in a year for us and it is a significant change," Lawrence Schwartz, senior director of marketing at Tokutek, tells 5 Minute Briefing, referring to the hot indexing and hot column addition and deletion.  It will be important for customers trying to do near real-time analysis of information, such as looking for behavior patterns in clickstream data, he adds.

"We have done things to improve speed and improve loading performance, and we have added ACID compliance in the past, but this is really a revolutionary change for us. It changes how people deal with MySQL; it changes what they can do with their database, and it changes the kind of flexibility they have to analyze and access their data," says Schwartz.

According to Tokutek, TokuDB v5.0 builds on Tokutek's Fractal Tree technology, used by customers to increase their performance by 20x-80x and scale from gigabytes to terabytes. By improving the speed of index insertions, and by eliminating index "aging" and "fragmentation," the company says, TokuDB allows customers to create a rich set of indexes and queries for valuable analysis with quick response times.

A software-only MySQL plug-in, TokuDB is compatible with existing MySQL applications, requiring no modification to existing MySQL code or application logic.

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