Tokutek Showcases TokuDB v6.5 at Percona Live 2012 Conference

Database storage solutions vendor Tokutek had the latest version of its flagship product, TokuDB v6.5, on display at the Percona Live 2012 conference in New York City. According to the  company, this storage engine extends MySQL’s performance and scalability to provide support for applications that must be able to respond in real-time to large volumes of continuously incoming data. TokuDB maintains query performance with no maintenance downtime and without requiring expensive hardware buildout.

TokuDB uses Fractal Tree indexing, a new data structure that increases performance over traditional B-Tree technology, allowing for improved read/write characteristics that aggregate and rebalance indexed data, as well as 10x to 20x faster index insertions. TokuDB features high compression without any loss in performance, allowing users to reduce disk storage requirements up to 90%. Hot schema changes allow users to add/drop/change a column to a database without taking it offline, allowing for improved agility. TokuDB is also optimized for HDD and Flash, extending MySQL performance and scale. 

According to the vendor, TokuDB is compatible with both MySQL and MariaDB and is suitable for social networking applications, real-time clickstream analysis, logfile analysis, e-commerce personalization, and high-speed webcrawling applications. Learn more and download the free trial today at