Top MV Companies Continue to Claim Spots on the DBTA 100

The COVID-19 pandemic created even greater urgency to better manage and extract valuable insights from data for companies that were already dealing with expanding regulatory pressures, new data security risks, and burgeoning data volumes.

The pace of data growth shows no sign of letting up. Whether cloud-based or on-prem, open source or proprietary, NoSQL or relational, cutting edge or well established, there are more options than ever for data architectures.

Spanning the spectrum of approaches, the DBTA 100 showcases forward-looking companies that are improving and expanding upon existing technologies and processes to help their customers use data more effectively.

Several top MultiValue companies land on the list again this year, including Kore Technologies, Revelation Software, and Rocket Software.

Specializing in helping companies extend their enterprise through integrated best-in-class solutions, Kore develops and supports two primary product suites: Kourier Integrator, a data management suite that provides both EAI and ETL capabilities, and KommerceServer, an advanced B2B/B2C ecommerce suite.

Delivering tools, a database, and companion service, Revelation is known for its OpenInsight NoSQL MultiValue database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications.

A global technology provider, Rocket Software specializes in app modernization and systems optimization to help organizations build solutions that meet today’s needs while extending the value of their technology investments for the future.