Top Performance Results for Data Warehousing and Analytics on TPC-H Benchmark Achieved by Sybase

Sybase has announced that its Sybase IQ column-based analytics server, in collaboration with solutions from HP and Red Hat, achieved the top data warehousing benchmark result among currently published non-clustered Linux and x86 systems in the TPC-H benchmark at the 1 TB scale factor.

The benchmark is proof of Sybase IQ's high performance and scalability on commodity platforms that are increasingly popular today, Joydeep Das, senior product manager, Sybase IQ, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We released version Sybase IQ 15 and 15.1 last year and some of the key aspects of those releases were to take full advantage of the modern-day multicore chip architectures that are becoming very popular in hardware these days. Our version 15 releases were specifically designed to harness the power of these multicore chipsets for parallelism within the given SMP box. There is a growing popularity and demand around these new platforms especially around x86 architectures from Intel and AMD with Linux-based server boxes."

The new TPC-H benchmark result of 102,375 queries per hour (QphH) was recorded using Sybase IQ 15.1 with the HP ProLiant DL785 G6 server and running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 platform, achieving a price/performance of $3.63 per transaction. The benchmark represents the best result among Linux and x86 vendors in the non-clustered marketplace at this scale factor and, notes Sybase, demonstrates Sybase IQ‘s ability to deliver maximum performance by utilizing available assets while reducing the cost of ownership for mid-tier organizations.

According to Sybase, IQ combines high speed and agility with low total cost of ownership, enabling enterprises to perform the critical business analysis and reporting that was previously impossible, impractical or cost-prohibitive. More than 1,800 customers worldwide have adopted Sybase IQ's column-based processing approach to power their critical analytical and reporting systems.

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