Torq HyperSOC Infuses AI and NLP into SecOps Workflows to Ease Burnout and Skills Gaps

Torq, the AI-first security hyperautomation leader, is debuting Torq HyperSOC, a purpose-built solution that leverages the power of Torq’s AI-driven hyperautomation platform and natural language processing (NLP) to ease workflows of analysts, engineers, and managers alike. By using NLP to initiate and accelerate security event investigation, triage, and remediation at scale, Torq HyperSOC alleviates various SecOps personas from alert fatigue and job burnout with robust case management functionality and complex process automation.

With the rise of IT skills shortage and the growing pressure on the individuals inhabiting those roles, Torq emerges to bring simplicity, ease, and widespread automation to day-to-day security operations.

Torq HyperSOC aims to eradicate the burdens of manually dealing with triage, false positives, incident investigation, and response, allowing SecOps teams to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation. Additionally, Torq HyperSOC’s capabilities enable organizations to up-skill their analysts with a variety of robust capabilities—powered by natural language—that democratize advanced security, according to the company.

The focus of this solution is to help enterprises achieve the ever-prudent, ever-elusive mantra of business: Doing more with less.

“Every day, IDC is engaged with SOC professionals who communicate the existential challenges they’re facing, both in terms of keeping up with ever-escalating threat complexity and volume, and the incredible burden that places on the shoulders of their teams,” said Chris Kissel, vice president, security and trust products, IDC Research. “Torq HyperSOC is the first solution we’ve seen that effectively enables SOC professionals to mitigate issues including alert fatigue, false positives, staff burnout, and attrition. We are also impressed by how its AI augmentation capabilities empower these staff members to be much more proactive about fortifying the security perimeter.”

Torq HyperSOC enables SecOps teams to resolve high-priority issues by managing the large majority of the security event processing lifecycle, offering:

  • AI-driven event analysis that collects, analyzes, and organizes unprocessed events and signals into contextually-enriched cases in real time, accompanied by intelligent ordering based on security, priority, and field of ownership.
  • Hyperautomation case management that merges AI-driven insights with hyperautomated processes to seamlessly automate the entire case lifecycle from detection to resolution, further calibrating security responses across multiple security tools in continuum
  • AI-augmented, human-in-the-loop remediation that ensures that critical decisions and actions remain under human control, allowing SOC analysts to intervene in any sensitive automation process

A subject of concern for many of these security personas is that AI will inevitably fill the roles that the human individual is currently doing. However, AI is not meant to replace the SOC analyst, emphasized Dallas Young, senior technical marketing manager at Torq. Rather, AI—namely, Torq HyperSOC—is meant to enhance these workflows, bringing in natural language, automation, and high-volume analysis to bring SecOps to the next level.

With the power of AI, automation, and NLP, Torq HyperSOC offers SecOps teams the ability to focus on cultivating robust, innovative security architectures with the utmost efficiency while offering enterprises the benefit of cost-savings by extrapolating more value out of existing toolsets.

“Once again, Torq is at the forefront of security automation by harnessing cutting edge, generative AI to empower analysts, and save them from soul-crushing manual tasks,” said Ofer Smadari, CEO and co-founder, Torq. “The SecOps community has spoken. They’re demanding more from their automation platforms and are fed up with dealing with legacy SOAR’s tedious, antiquated approach that requires human intervention for even the most minor of tasks. Torq HyperSOC is a breakthrough solution that simultaneously elevates their roles while delivering the highest levels of protection possible for the organization.”

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