TransLattice Releases First Cross-Cloud Database TED 3.0

Geographically distributed relational database vendor TransLattice has released version 3.0 of the TransLattice Elastic Database (TED). The new release enables simultaneous deployment on any combination of public cloud provider networks, virtual machines, or physical hardware.

According to Translattice, enterprises need to reduce the risks of outages, data location compliance and vendor lock-in. “TED 3.0 the first and only cross-cloud relational database. We can run a database in a public cloud, working with your existing system in a true hybrid fashion. We also can run in multiple clouds and then tie all those together in one unique database fabric,” TransLattice CEO Frank Huerta tells 5 Minute Briefing. Organizations can reduce the risk of moving databases to the cloud by using more than one cloud provider, knowing they can add or changed providers if necessary.

TransLattice Elastic Database 3.0 aims to create a highly available, fault-tolerant database fabric that can be administered from anywhere on the network. The company says it scales to capacity easily by adding nodes on demand with zero downtime and places mission-critical data closer to the edge of the network for improved response time for customers, partners and employees. TED 3.0 controls data location through configurable policies, thus reducing the need for federation of data and streamlining compliance management. The company also says the solution costs less than traditional SQL databases and enables higher utilization of hardware assets due to nodes being all-active.

TED 3.0 code baseline has been upgraded to PostgreSQL version 9.2. For more information, visit