TransLattice Unveils Postgres-XL Open Source Database for OLTP and Big Data Analytics

TransLattice, a provider of a geographically distributed relational database management system for enterprise, cloud and hybrid environments, has announced the availability of a release candidate for Postgres-XL, a new open source database designed for both OLTP and big data analytics.

Key capabilities of Postgres-XL, include MPP, OLTP write scalability, multi-tenancy security, and  cluster-wide ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) properties, said Mason Sharp, chief architect of Translattice who presented at DBTA’s Data Summit. Postgres-XL is based on StormDB, the commercial product acquired by TransLattice in 2013. 

According to TransLattice, open access to Postgres-XL further extends the open source Postgres ecosystem and extends the choices available to the community. .

Additional details are available from TransLattice at