Treasure Data Improves Access to Big Data with New Capabilities

Treasure Data recently announced two new products, Treasure Viewer and Treasure Query Accelerator. With these new products, Treasure Data says it is solving the challenge of doing ad hoc queries on big data and the need to explore that data in the cloud without having to export it.

The company has also enhanced  its columnar cloud database infrastructure, Plazma, to automatically provide customers additional processing power at no cost to support short-term processing needs.

According to Treasure Data, the cloud data service provider, has been growing  rapidly. Since Treasure Data’s managed service went live last year, the level of customer data  has reached two trillion rows now loaded into the service. 

"We want to communicate to the market the kind of growth that we are seeing and the feedback we are getting from customers,” explained Rich Ghiossi, vice president of marketing, Treasure Data.

Treasure Data’s services make it easier for customers to get value from big data quickly without having to build their own infrastructure, noted Ghiossi. The services cover the  data pipeline from acquisition to storage to analysis. “We are going to continue to listen to customers and evolve the service with capabilities and technologies that they are asking for."

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