Treasure Data Releases a Customer Journey Orchestration Solution

Treasure Data is introducing Treasure Data Journey?Orchestration, a new, omnichannel-first solution enabling marketers and customer experience (CX) managers to create relevant, high-converting customer experiences at scale that cut across channels, campaigns, and business units.

Transforming customer journey orchestration with the intelligence of its enterprise-wide smart customer data platform (CDP), Treasure Data makes best-of-breed channel and campaign tools smarter by identifying audiences along the buying cycle and connecting user behavior to relevant campaigns and channels, according to the vendor.  

"Today's hyper-digital customers don't care which channel or campaign they are in, they see the business as one and expect it to understand them as one," said?Kazuki Ohta, Treasure Data CEO and co-founder. "Treasure Data Journey Orchestration specifically meets this expectation by reimagining CX beyond single channels, campaigns or business units into a frictionless journey that becomes smarter with every point of contact.?Treasure Data is the handshake between all teams that interact with the consumer to enhance meaningful and respectful engagement."

 Treasure Data Journey Orchestration provides a central, easy-to-use location for data and insights, brought together in AI-powered customer profiles that unite teams and systems across internal business units and between different brands.

With a visual, no-code canvas, marketers can plan, monitor and optimize journeys personalized for each customer as they progress from awareness to purchase to brand loyalty and beyond.

Supported by the ability to activate more than 100 billion profiles a month, scale is unlimited, according to the company. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Smarter Tools, Smarter?Interactions—Integrating enterprise CDP capabilities produces smarter data and more accurate and impactful recommendations for each customer journey stage and interaction across marketing, service and sales
  • Rise Above the Campaign—Create a continuous personal experience to?improve engagement, optimize spend and enable teams to reorient conversion goals to better meet KPIs
  • Open?By Design—Agnostic and interoperable with a company's existing email, social and paid solutions, Treasure Data's Journey Orchestration can operate individually or future-proof existing investments while enhancing these tools with deep customer insights?
  • Privacy Foundation—Enterprise-grade global privacy and consent model capabilities are built in to ensure consistency throughout the customer journey

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