Tredence Unleashes AI Data Cleanser

Tredence, an analytics services company, is launching the AI Data Cleanser to use machine learning and deep learning technology to uncover reliable data.

The AI Data Cleanser is a data cleansing and enrichment solution using machine learning/deep learning techniques to cleanse and enrich any master data.

Features of the platform include:

  • Reconciles semantically consistent data and deploys data solutions to the end-user organization;
  • Uses cloud and on-premise delivery models to deploy solutions to clients;
  • Provides customizable data solutions to give enterprises the flexibility to generate specialized MDM solutions across various industry verticals like marketing, healthcare, and industrials;
  • Offers flexible and dynamic metadata management abilities to provide data governance solutions and offer consumable data to businesses;
  • Supports operational and analytical MDM requirements by allowing the utilization of the master data for both operational and analytical purposes, providing an end-to-end data solution.

AI Data Cleanser uses features like Smart Cleanse and Dynamic Enrichment to not only profile and integrate diverse data sets but also extract intelligent features from the data to apply machine learning/deep learning algorithms and derive insights.

The cleansed data as a service feature allows customers to integrate their third party applications with AI Data Cleanser to generate cleansed/enriched data after passing source data as input.

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