Tresata’s Digital Business Platform Brings Big Industry Data Strategies to Businesses at Any Scale

Tresata is launching its Digital Business Platform (DBP) to aid businesses’ in delivering functional data to initialize digital transformations exclusively for data clouds. Through leverage of data exabytes in the cloud, DBP will be able to utilize enterprise data that would otherwise be abandoned to an unused data percentage. Automation of this utilization eradicates the need for extensive time and resources dedicated to monitoring and managing usable data.

“By connecting data assets across a business, DBP provides users everything there is to know about their customers, processes, and product,” said Mike Leone, senior analyst, data platforms, analytics, and AI at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “The result is the ability to support and manage each of them in a unique way by adding loads of value in a differentiated and personalized way.”

DBP focuses on increasing value in unused data through advanced semantic data integration, allowing for instant utility. This results in a large increase in speed to market and business value, according to the vendor.

“DBP puts the same data intelligence capabilities core to the success of digital vanguards like Google and Tesla into the hands of every organization, allowing them to become data-first organizations as well,” said Abhishek Mehta, CEO of Tresata. “Having usable data to power every decision, product, and process will be critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes to not just liberate their data, but also provide much-needed freedom to their people to succeed.”

Tresata is dedicated to optimizing industry giants’ data management strategies for businesses at any scale. Usable data is the key to digital transformation, and DBP provides the means to do so, according to the vendor.

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