TriCore Solutions is Now Certified Provider of Operations Services for SAP HANA

TriCore Solutions is now an SAP-certified provider of SAP HANA Operations Services, allowing the company to deliver IT operations services for users running on SAP HANA. The certification is designed specifically for companies operating SAP HANA and applications running on SAP HANA on behalf of customers.

As an SAP-certified provider of operations services for SAP HANA, TriCore Solutions can perform a range of IT services related to SAP HANA and to applications running on SAP HANA, from initial proof-of-concepts to rapid deployments of SAP HANA-based solutions for customers.

“This certification is yet another signal of our continued commitment to putting our customers first through distinguished service, allowing them to focus on the business value of their solutions,” said Gina Murphy, chief operating officer at TriCore Solutions.

According to TriCore, companies that rely on its solutions for hosting and cloud services for their applications on SAP HANA can benefit from reduced operational expenses, reduced total cost of ownership, and the ability to focus on more strategic business initiatives instead of infrastructure management.

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