Tricentis Mobile Introduces Faster, Easier, and More Comprehensive Mobile App Testing

Tricentis, the continuous testing and quality engineering company, is advancing its mission to make Tricentis Mobile the most comprehensive, end-to-end mobile testing solution on the market with the integration of Virtual Mobile Grid. This new capability will enable development teams, often struggling under the pressure to innovate, to do so easier and more efficiently than ever, according to Tricentis.

Tricentis Mobile is engineered to enhance the productivity of software engineers and developers in the realm of mobile application development. The solution remediates various mobile challenges—including test authoring, execution, and analysis across siloed or incomplete mobile solutions—ultimately enabling teams to test apps on thousands of real and virtual devices.

With the addition of Virtual Mobile Grid, working in tandem with Tricentis Device Cloud, Tricentis Mobile is granted greater flexibility and coverage of mobile applications. Developer and software engineering teams will further be able to author mobile tests faster and easier run using real or virtual devices, and surface crucial insights across all stages of the development cycle.

All these capabilities are centralized within a single, comprehensive platform.

“We have been relentlessly committed to addressing all the pain points for mobile testing in a simplified, seamless way,” said Mav Turner, chief technology officer of DevOps at Tricentis. “And we believe Tricentis Mobile makes it easier to test in a complete and comprehensive way previously not possible.”

Tricentis Mobile offers the following features:

  • Efficient end-to-end testing on real and virtual devices in the cloud for consistent performance of mobile apps across business processes
  • Rapid failure detection powered by AI-enabled analytics and neural network technology
  • Accelerated app delivery through end-to-end, no-code mobile testing for identifying and resolving critical UX and performance issues
  • Code-free, SaaS-based test automation for faster testing and increased user satisfaction and application performance

“Organizations today face immense pressure to release high-quality mobile apps faster to stay competitive. If the user experience suffers, organizations stand to lose money, reputation, and revenue,” explained Turner. “Tricentis Mobile meets this challenge by enabling businesses to provide optimal mobile experiences from anywhere, and on any device. Removing manual processes, reducing maintenance costs, and achieving better test coverage improves overall application quality.”

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