Tricentis’ SaaS-based Solution Empowers No-Code, Flexible Test Automation

Tricentis, a global leader in enterprise continuous testing, is announcing the launch of Tricentis Test Automation, now generally available. As a cloud-based test automation solution that eases test creation, orchestration, and scalable test execution, Tricentis Test Automation is designed to improve the speed, quality, and durability of web-based applications and business operations.

Built to specifically address enterprise applications, Tricentis Test Automation enables end-to-end testing of business operations and applications within a SaaS-based architecture. Highly scalable, agile, and easy to manage, the solution supports codeless, resilient, and automated tests via its segregated automation model and underlying application approach, according to the vendor.

The elastic execution grid, otherwise known as E2G, powers Tricentis Test Automation’s rapid test speeds and scalable quality; to accomplish this, multiple tests are run in parallel throughout distributed infrastructures and virtual machines. Test data can be defined, as well as environmental coverage, through playlists, enabling users to set up, configure, and orchestrate test cases for multi-app, end-to-end process testing. Its cloud-based, collaborative function allows users to interact between their teams and platforms to conjointly verify quality.

“While organizations are building their businesses and deploying applications on the cloud, most teams are constrained by legacy processes which are creating slow, error-prone, and costly challenges due to the lack of a viable cloud-based testing solution,” said Suhail Ansari, chief technology officer at Tricentis. “Tricentis Test Automation enables organizations to automate end-to-end quality for their integrated cloud-based solutions with faster speeds, no-code, and reduced test maintenance costs.”

Microservice simulation for microservices that are unavailable to the team, too costly, or outside of the team’s scope allows users to more holistically develop and test applications by filling in these technical gaps. Produced from recorded traffic, virtual services and contract tests can be deployed as needed throughout the DevOps process.

"The simulation capability in Tricentis Test Automation is going to be a powerful innovation for us on our digital transformation journey. It provides all the key enablers for our quality engineering needs and is ready for our cloud/container world of the future,” said Karen Gonzalez, quality engineering manager at IHG Hotels and Resorts, during the beta phase of the solution.

Tricentis Test Automation additionally enables API testing by invoking http API calls or async calls, such as Kafka, MQ, or Rabbit. Accompanied by the calls are user-defined payloads, encouraging streamlined back-end functionality testing without the need to rely solely on front-end test cases.

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