Tricentis and Panaya Release Platform for Testing in SAP Environments

Tricentis, a provider of software test automation, and Panaya, a provider of SaaS-based test management, are releasing a joint platform for autonomous software testing in SAP environments. 

Autonomous SAP testing generates SAP business process tests automatically, diving deep into applications and using machine learning to observe and understand patterns in end user transactions.

Comprehensive test algorithms observe real interactions between the user and the system, leverage machine learning to determine the top usage patterns eliminating redundant regression testing, and report when changes in the SAP environment could impact critical business processes. 

The platform integrates Tricentis Tosca, which provides test automation for continuous testing, and Panaya Test Center, which provides cloud-based end-to-end test management.

Autonomous SAP testing solves the dilemmas faced in both automated and manual test methodologies. Autonomous SAP testing spans test conception through validation, addressing all aspects of the functional testing lifecycle, including discovery, execution, acceleration and test management.

The outcome of the analysis is a comprehensive set of use cases that reflect actual business usage, which is critical in verifying how SAP updates impact critical business processes.  As a result, new or changed SAP business processes can be introduced to the market faster and with reduced business risk. 

The Tricentis and Panaya SAP testing platform is the culmination of joint research and development focused on the autonomous generation of a comprehensive and efficient suite of tests. 

Key Capabilities of Autonomous SAP Testing include change impact analysis, lghts out discovery for optimized regression test suites, lights out test automation, process automation and acceleration of manual testing with test evidence and collaborative tools, requirements traceability and defect management, and process-centric Test Management with dashboards and advanced analytics.

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