Trifacta Collaborates with Infosys to Provide Data Wrangling Solution to Users

Trifacta is forming a partnership with Infosys that will provide its data wrangling solution for the Infosys Information Platform (IIP) and Infosys' other platforms and offerings.

Infosys is also participating in Trifacta's growth stage financing round.

“We are very excited to both have Infosys become one of the investors in our company but also to have the opportunity to partner with Infosys,” said Joe Scheuermann, vice president of marketing at Trifacta.  

The collaboration allows Infosys to tap into Trifacta's self-service solution for exploring and transforming data. Business analysts and data scientists can integrate large, complex data sets, transform and filter the results and share valuable insights, all from data stored and processed within the IIP platform.

IIP leverages the power of open source to address big data adoption challenges, such as inadequate accessibility of easy-to-use development tools, fragmented approaches to building data pipelines and the lack of enterprise-ready open source big data analytics platforms that can support all forms of data.

The new partnership will enable Trifacta to extend its reach into Infosys’ customer base and also leverage its substantial go-to -market capabilities around the globe, Scheuermann noted.

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