Trifacta Continues to Extend its Support for Amazon Web Services

Trifacta is expanding support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with releasing Wrangler Edge and Wrangler Enterprise on AWS Marketplace.

“Clean and annotated training data is the foundation of modern machine learning,” said Joseph Spisak, Global Lead for Machine Learning Partnerships, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We are very excited to have Trifacta join the Machine Learning Competency Program to help our customers spend less time preparing their data and more time creating intelligence.”

Wrangler Edge and Wrangler Enterprise provide an intuitive, efficient way for teams and organizations to wrangle data across AWS services, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Redshift for ML and visualization in applications including Amazon QuickSight.

As part of Trifacta’s enhanced support for AWS, Trifacta has also collaborated with partners Infosys and FICO to bring their analytics offerings to AWS.

Trifacta has also earned AWS Machine Learning (ML) Competency status. This achievement recognizes that Trifacta has demonstrated success in helping customers deploy their ML workloads on AWS.

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