Trifacta Enhances Data Wrangling Solution

Trifacta is releasing an enhanced version of its namesake platform, further boosting its data wrangling capabilities and bolstering the solution for more data sources and diverse users.

The new release focuses on several areas, including enhanced user experience, improved performance and scale, and extended cloud deployment and data connectivity.

A core focus area of the v4 release is to enrich Trifacta’s data wrangling user experience by offering a new workflow for building data preparation steps.  The workflow expands upon Trifacta’s blend of data visualization and machine learning to guide users through common data wrangling tasks with a variety of tools.

The new release also introduces a tool called Builder that will provide users with a new menu-driven workflow that will guide them through data wrangling steps.  “Users have the ability to leverage drop down menu functions and advanced descriptive guidance and intelligence for building steps in their wrangling recipes,” said Will Davis, director of product marketing.

And with this release, the “Photon Compute Engine” is also now available, which the company says improves the scale of data that users are able to wrangle on-the-fly directly within the Trifacta application.  “As you wrangle data-on-the-fly we do a lot of data processing and transformations on-the-fly within the browser of the application,” Davis said. “We’re increasing the scale of data that users are able to work with directly in the application.

The general availability of the Photon Compute Engine enables users to wrangle a 100x larger volume of data on-the-fly directly within the application while still maintaining the fluid experience and immediate feedback.

Additionally, the v4 release expands support for customers deploying Trifacta in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, while also extending the ability of users to directly connect to a variety of enterprise data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Teradata.

The platform includes the initial release of Trifacta’s connectivity API giving customers and partners the ability to seamlessly integrate Trifacta with external data and services.

Future plans include further upgrading the user experience of the product along support for more data sources.  “Regardless  of where the data resides and how much data users are working with, we want  to provide a variety of deployment options and solutions that will be able to handle the diversity of customers and the market,” Davis said.

Trifacta will be at Strata + Hadoop World in New York at booth 539 from September 26-29, 2016 to provide attendees with a live demo of the latest release.

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