Trifacta Introduces Wrangler Edge for Analyst Teams for Self-Service Data Preparation

Trifacta, a provider of data wrangling solutions, is launching Wrangler Edge, a platform designed for analyst teams wrangling diverse data outside of big data environments.

“We are packaging the Trifacta product and adding enterprise features such as the ability to schedule jobs to handle larger data volumes to connect to diverse sources,” said Will Davis, director of product marketing. “We also added collaboration and sharing features as well all without requiring organizations to manage a large Hadoop infrastructure.”

Wrangler Edge is designed to enhance the functionality of the free Wrangler desktop edition with support for multiple users, larger data volumes, broader connectivity, cloud and on-premise deployment options, and the ability to schedule and operationalize wrangling workflows.

Key Features of Wrangler Edge include accelerated data preparation utilizing data visualization, machine learning, and human-computer interaction; gain seamless visibility and collaboration amongst teams using a common platform for data preparation; access a range of flexible deployment options whether in the cloud or on-premise; build and execute data wrangling recipes in record time with in-memory processing powered by Photon, and more.

Plans for the future include continuing to optimize Edge for a variety of products and keeping up with market trends.

“We have existing partners in the big data ecosystem that are very excited about the potential benefits of this product for their customer base,” Davis said. 

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