Trifacta Launches Spring 2017 Version of its Data Wrangling Platform

Trifacta, a provider of data wrangling software, is launching the Spring ’17 Wrangler Enterprise release, focusing on accelerating the expansion of data wrangling projects in enterprise environments.

With the Spring ’17 release, Trifacta now provides enhanced features that meet the growing needs for deploying data wrangling solutions at enterprise-wide scale.

This latest update to Wrangler Enterprise focuses on enabling users to more efficiently schedule data wrangling workflows that incorporate multiple datasets while also improving the manageability of complex workflows through Flow View.

The Spring release also extends the ability of Trifacta users to share and collaborate on entire workflows, and define higher-order wrangling tasks using natural language, in addition to other new functionality – all of which are critical aspects of moving data wrangling from small-scale exploratory projects to large-scale enterprise deployments.

New Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise features include expanded self-service scheduling and flow view, enhanced collaboration, increased sampling flexibility, and context aware wrangling tasks.

 “As the leader in the fast-growing category of data preparation, it’s critical that we continue to define the market – where data preparation tools are going and the extent of what they cover,” said Wei Zheng, VP of product at Trifacta. “The Spring ‘17 release of Wrangler Enterprise focuses on accelerating the expansion of data wrangling projects to encompass more users and use cases, and quickly transition initial exploratory projects into production workflows.”

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