Trifacta Upgrades Free Data Wrangling Product

Trifacta has announced updates to Trifacta Wrangler, which was first launched in 2015. As a freely available community version of Trifacta’s enterprise product,  the company says, it is often the first interaction individuals have with Trifacta technology and its team.

New features in the free edition include Builder, Photon Compute Engine, Live Chat support, and Fuzzy Join.

Builder provides an interface for automatically breaking down each element of the wrangling operation and also provides extensive descriptive guidance, examples and intelligent suggestions to guide nontechnical users through building wrangling steps.

Offering a new data processing engine, Photon has been embedded into the Trifacta application and Intelligent Execution architecture, enabling users to visualize and interactively wrangle 20x more data volume in the Transformer grid with immediate UI responsiveness.

Live chat support is also now available, giving users access to support and customer success specialists for questions about using Wrangler via live chat support directly within the Wrangler application.

And, finally, fuzzy join allows end users to combine datasets with similar but inexact join key matches, eliminating the need to perform standardization processes across disparate datasets prior to join execution.

For more details, read a blog post by Will Davis, director of product marketing at Trifacta, at

Go to to download the latest version.