Trifacta and Sumo Logic Partner to Offer Cloud Enriched Business Intelligence

Trifacta, a provider of data preparation solutions, is partnering with Sumo Logic, a cloud-native machine data analytics platform, to form a joint integration that drives improved business intelligence.

The announcement was made at the Strata Data Conference in New York City.

“Cloud is a huge focus of ours,” said Will Davis, director of product marketing, Trifacta.

The new integration enables business users, such as product managers, to explore and transform complex machine data and combine it with data from customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation solutions in order to better understand product usage and customer behavior.

The integration of Sumo Logic with Trifacta allows organizations leverage the huge volumes of data being generated by connected devices and modern applications.

The partnership will allow customers to easily prepare that data and enrich it with additional layers of intelligence from any business application, database, and third-party dataset.

At the same time, IT stakeholders are able to ensure security and compliance, while enabling the democratization of machine data across the organization.

Sumo Logic and Trifacta offer cloud-agnostic support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or hybrid applications.

The partnership brings Trifacta into a new realm of use cases easily, Davis explained, and expands to IoT, Devops, and more.

For Trifacta, the partnership is another step toward supporting cloud-based solutions to accelerate growth, while also opening Trifacta to new users and use cases around machine-generated data that have increasing business impact.

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